So obviously like any other human being that has even the slightest bit of common sense in their heads, I am on Bom’s side in this. Not only because I love Bom in the first place, but also because what that Kemy did was plain disrespectful towards your senior, which will make a huge issue in Korea…

Dear lord, I knew there would be drama in the kpop fandom when I joined, but the amount of bullshit that has been going on has far exceeded my expectations.


So this bitchy rookie group member named Kemy or some shit decided it was clever of her to write a song dissing Park Bom.

Here are the lyrics, it is pretty obvious since they include song titles, her plastic surgery, Roommate, YG and her amphetamine scandal.

Your bloated, swollen face.

Oh dear :”)

He is so beautiful :)
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Kpop in yellow part 5, males :)
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Kpop in yellow part 4, males :)
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Kpop in yellow part 3, males ;D
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Kpop in yellow part 2, males ;D
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Kpop in Yellow part 1, males :D
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He went from cute to super cute and hawt ;) <3 Park Jee su
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watchaaa&gt; …:)))))


watchaaa> …:)))))